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This site focuses on Mexican clothing, textiles and accessories, which is a piece of Mexican culture that is usually neglected but very much liked by people around the world.

Girls Mexican Traditional Clothing
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Mexico is best know for its food, celebrations, colonial towns and beautiful beaches, and of course, tequila and mariachi which are Mexico’s iconic symbols.

Mexican culture is recognized for its rich history, the lively-hood of its traditions, and its original crafts.

Original Mexican crafts are still created by hand using natural materials, which makes the craftsman creations unique and beautiful.

We want to share with you the textile crafts and Mexican clothing designs that Mexico has to offer with their history, current trends and styles.

In this site you can find information about the traditional designs, and also the contemporary designs that combine Mexican folklore with modern trends.

Mexican Clothing

Mexican Fiesta Dress
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  • Traditional clothing provides information about the most popular designs and the regions where these designs originate.

Mexican Dresses

Traditional Mexican Dress
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Mexican Crafted Textiles

Mexican Accessories

Black Charro HatCharro Hat Guadalajara Jalisco
  • Hats of all kinds for occasions or an outfit.

More About Mexico

  • Religious traditions

About the Editors of Mexican Clothing Co

We, the editors of this website, are passionate Mexicans who have lived in Europe, Canada and the USA, and found very attractive the idea to inform through this site how much people like Mexican art, providing reliable information about the cultural background of Mexican clothing, Mexican textiles, Mexican accessories, and jewelry; the way they are used; the importance of symbolism and its significance and the best available options to get all these items.

Read a more detailed story about the editors of this site in the about section and find out what motivated us to create this project.

We hope you enjoy the site!

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