About Mexican Clothing Co

Every time I traveled to Mexico to visit friends and family I had the great pleasure of finding a series of Mexican items – most of them related to clothing, accessories and home deco- I had never noticed before.

At first the reason seemed obvious; I was looking for stuff that gave me the feeling of belonging while living abroad. Of course, it was one of the reasons, but not the most important. After some time, and the comments I received from non-Mexican people, I realized that what had caught my attention was the uniqueness and beauty in each piece, the high quality, the Mexican traditional design adapted for the “citizen of the world”.

With this I mean modern, sophisticated, fun, trendy pieces of Mexican clothing; fashionable and easy to wear jewelry and accessories; fine, beautiful home-decor Mexican accents that will go with every style.

I told my brother about this experience; and he shared some of his traveling anecdotes; when visiting places far away form Mexico he was asked if He was Mexican while walking as a tourist because of the clothing he was wearing; again Mexican clothing with modern design, fun, easy to wear with a special Mexican touch that made them recognizable; usable by everyone, everywhere.

Now that I am back in Mexico; I am attracted to the idea of sharing these great findings through this site, providing reliable information about the cultural background of Mexican clothing, Mexican accessories, jewelry and Mexican home-decor articles; the way they are used; the importance of symbolism and its significance, and the best available options to get all these items..... lucky me I share the idea and interest with my friend and “compadre” Jorge who has gotten the persistence to make this project a reality.

We hope this site makes a difference.

Carmina and Jorge.