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Authentic Mexican Dresses

There are many types of the so-called authentic mexican dresses.

All of the clothing in this web site is authentically Mexican... We have the traditional, the typical, and the modern clothing; all with beautiful designs.

The popularity of the traditional Mexican clothing is increasing.  The embroidery styles are used by young designers to create authentic Mexican pieces.  The true definition of authentic Mexican clothing is clothing made in Mexico, with traditional indigenous roots, designed or made by Mexican artisans.

Find below a gallery of authentic Mexican dresses.

Indigenous Authentic Dress

This dress was worn by Jacqueline Bracamontes when competing in Miss Mexico 2001. Jacqueline is today a famous acrtres.

She ended up winning the competition. The dress was made in in San Luis Potosi and it was called Diosa Canhuitz or Canhuitz God. Canhuitz is the original name of an ancient indigenous settlement in the Huastec region of the state.

The indigenous influence in this dress is very closely related to the Aztec clothing traditions.

Authentic Aztec Mexican Outfit

China Poblana Authentic Dress

This is Cynthia Vazquez in a beautiful China Poblana Dress also called Mexican Puebla Dress.

She used this dress in a soap opera by Mexico's most famous TV group: Televisa. The soap opera name was Bellezas Indomables which translates as Indomitable Beauties.

The dress is usually short sleeve embroidered but full length at the bottom with colorful sequin.

Because the dress is much more sophisticated than other more traditional Mexican dress choices, it is normally used in celebrations.

China Poblana Mexican Dress

Modern and Formal Authentic Mexican Dress

Here you can see the First Lady of Mexico (2006-2012), Margarita Zavala with the First Lady of the US Michelle Obama wearing a formal, but very much Authentic Dress.

These authentic and traditional dresses are very popular now, and have passed the boundary of the informal wear making them ideal for a party or a special occasion.

Formal Authentic Mexican Dress

There are many other examples of authentic Mexican dresses.  If you have other ideas please leave us your comments below.

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