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Mexican Jalisco Dress

The most typical Jalisco dress is the one used by folkloric dancers, and also in Mexico's national sport: La Charreria. This dress has variations and is also called Adelita dress, soldadera dress, ranchera dress or escaramuza dress. The version used by folkloric dancers is called Jalisco ribbon dress.

The evolution of the Jalisco Mexican dress started when people from the country side stopped their daily activities to attend festivities and religious celebrations.

The ranchero dress originated when the locals copied the design of dresses of Spanish women changing the fabric from silk to cotton and making them of lively colors.

The dress became very popular thanks to soldaderas or Mexican female soldiers during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) (Adelita is the name of the most famous soldadera which by the way is also one of the most famous Mexican songs of the time).

The dress is widely used in Mexico, and today represents an authentic Mexican style.

Jalisco Ribbon DressMexican Folkloric Attire

The Mexican Jalisco Dress

Mexican Jalisco DressMexican Jalisco Dress

The most typical version of the dress is called the Percale Outfit - Traje de Percal.

It has a very wide skirt in various colors such as red, Mexican pink, yellow or blue.

The dress is normally made with one flounder and the blouse uses the same fabric also with flounders, wide sleeves, and with a high neck. It can be made in one or two pieces (skirt and blouse).

The fabric for the dress must be opaque in percale or manta which are cotton fabrics.

There is a special design for the hair dress with a braid and colorful ribbons making a bow.`

There are variations of the dress such as the Little Flowers Dress - Vestido de Florecitas. This dress combines the Spanish and Indigenous influence using a stamped fabric for the skirt but leaving the blouse unchanged.

The folkloric dance ensembles in Mexico have also made variations of the dress which are now very popular. For example, a large flower stamped design was borrowed from the traditional dress in the Pacific coast of Jalisco making the blouse of the same fabric instead of white.

Finally, the Ribbon Jalisco Dress which is the most famous design is the result of changes made to the dress when the original materials were not available and the colorful ribbons make it look amazing.

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