Mexican Accessories

Typical Mexican accessories include the rebozo, Mexican hats, Mexican sandals, jewelry and embroidered hand-bags.

Mexican accessories add a touch of Mexican style to your outfit.


You can include a nice rebozo shawl to almost any Mexican dress or blouse, and hats are always fun and useful.

Mexico is also famous for its Taxco Sterling silver with designs for all tastes.

Types of Mexican Accessories

The Mexican Rebozo

The rebozo is made in many parts of Mexico. However, one of the most representatives is the one made in Santa Maria del Rio in the state of San Luis Potosi. This picturesque town has some of the most beautiful designs and they are all hand-made.

The rebozo was originally a mestizo garment later used by Spanish and indigenous women alike. There are citations that it has been used for more than 400 years.


In the Spanish language the word rebozo suggest that it is used for covering. Today it can be used in many different ways as shown in this photo.

Mexican Hats

Hats are also a nice accessory to wear in special occasions. Of course the typical mexican hats are the charro or mariachi hats originally from the state of Jalisco

In Mexican fashion we find the flower hats used in formal events such as weddings, and other special occasions. The famous Catrina, an icon of the day of the dead, immortalized the flowers and feathers hat.


As an interesting note, the town of San Francisco del Rincon in the state of Guanajuato has become a manufacturing mecca for Western, Texan, and casual hats for the US market although these types of headgear are not immediately recognized as Mexican hats.

Mexican Sandals

There are different versions of a Mexican sandal. Huaraches are a crude form of sandals. The typical huarache is made of a tire sole, and it normally looks like a traditional leather semi-closed shoe. There are also Mexican flip-flops and other sophisticated Mexican foot-wear.

Mexican sandals have unique designs of flowers, animals and other pictorials. The Mexican version is more appropriate for an informal setting. They are very popular thanks to tourists visiting Mexican beaches or other warm climate regions of Mexico.


The traditional sandals are mostly made in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Yucatan.

The word huarache also written guarache comes from the word Kuarache in Tarasco; an indigenous dialect spoken by the Purepechas in the state of Michoacan. (By the way huarache is also a fried flat oval tortilla with toppings).

The typical Mexican sandals or huaraches have become an icon of Mexican fashionable apparel.


Mexican Jewelry

Mexican sterling silver jewelry is also a popular accessory to wear.

The most recognized will be Taxco Silver Jewelry. The town of Taxco in the state of Guerrero is recognized as the national silversmithing capital.


The community has built its world-wide reputation for a reason as there are families that have crafted silver for centuries and passed the skills from generation to generation.

Many designs have a Mexican touch, but in Taxo craftsmanship of silver is more than that.

Mexican Silver Jewelry

Mexican Handbags

Mexican bags have beautiful designs inspired in the colors and shapes seen in other textiles.

Today recognized designers and entrepreneurs have developed a variety of styles for the fashion movement, and it is definitely a popular Mexican accessory to wear.

There are many options of Mexican Accessories for all likes. If you are into Mexican fashion you will find something that will help you look stunning.