Mexican Art

Art, including Mexican art, is a general term and can refer to many types of expressions. In this page we will guide you through those expressions that make Mexico’s art so unique and enchanting such as pottery, textile weaving, metal engraving, etc.

But first let me put things in perspective. Historically, fine arts specifically referred to painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with minor arts including drama and dancing. Art in Mexico is really about folk art which by definition is produced by anonymous artisans with no formal training except the one obtained from family and her or his closest circle. The really nice thing is its highly decorative design, with a flattened style and a traditional meaning given by past generations.

The most famous representations of traditional art in Mexico are:

  • Textiles Weaving
    This is one of this site’s main focuses, where you can find artisans weaving rugs, blankets, serapes and rebozos among the most popular expressions of art.

  • Pottery and Ceramics
    This is an extensive subject widely practiced around Mexico and the world. The most famous Mexican ceramic representations can be found in Oaxaca’s black clay (barrro negro) figures, and talavera ceramic tableware from many places in Mexico with the best said to be from Puebla.

  • Metal craftsmanship
    You can find copper or bronze engraved plates, vases, lampshades, and also pewter decorative items.

  • Wood carving
    Some examples are the Aztec and Mayan calendars in wood, and of course the traditional Oaxacan wood carving sculptures.

  • Mexican Masks
    Masks represent traditions and are used for celebrations or sporting events (Mexican lucha libre – Wrestling).

Wood carving from Oaxaca Mexico<br />
by Thomas Aleto

Wood carving from Oaxaca Mexico
by Thomas Aleto

In addition to the forms of art highlighted above, there are the regional influences that make Mexican art so unique. The indigenous cultures of Mexico have inherited to modern Mexico a true gift and now seen everywhere you travel in Mexico; for example, Huichol art with its colorful meaning, or Aztec and Mayan art with its millenary wisdom.

Mexican artisans offer the world a collection of beautiful crafts, textiles and home items, that have gained international fame.