Mexican Decor

Mexican decor can have many facets.   It can be as simple as walls colors to furniture, tiles, textiles, and of course crafts.

The combination of different things make the Mexican concept very inviting.

Mexican PotteyMexican Talavera Pottery

Mexican Decor with Folk Art

Mexico is a very large country and there is a wide variety of handcrafts made by the indigenous communities and the general population across the territory.

Some of the best known Mexican folk art items are:

Talavera pottery:  Tableware is a popular craft purchased by tourists visiting Mexico. Although talavera is made in different states, group of artisans in the states of Tlaxcala and Puebla have earned very high marks in terms of quality.  Here are two well recognized  companies: Arte Cruz and Ramos Corona.   The nice thing about tableware is that you can actually use it at home, and you can have a very extensive collection or a small tea set.  Talavera ornaments are also very nice and go nicely with other Mexican things.

Clay crafts: In Mexico as in many parts of the world clay work can be popular folk-art.  In Mexico clay work design of indigenous figures is fascinating, and there is a particular black clay originally from the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec in the state of Oaxaca that is very unique to Mexico.  

Alebrijes: This are wood carved figures made also in the state of Oaxaca specifically in the town of San Martin Tilcajete.   The people that make these incredible handicrafts have evolved their designs from animals to fantasy figures of dragons and monsters.  There is something for everyone in these pieces of art.

Glass crafts:  Glass work has also very unique Mexican items.  There are the tequila shots that make a fun gift.

Mexican Textiles

Serapes, rebozos and Mexican blankets are typical accessories found in a Mexican ambient room or house.

Serapes with the colorful patterns can give a lively atmosphere on your bed, wall or couch.

Rebozos can be very nice too in different configurations. A craft worth showing off!  You can also put them on chairs, or tables.

Mexican blankets on your bed or table can be beautiful.   Check the beautiful Otomi Tenango de Doria patterns of animals and flowers.  These textile designs have become world famous thanks to its uniqueness and crafted work.

Mexican Furniture and Kitchen Decor

One of the gratifications of Mexican style rooms is that, more often than not, they end up feeling nice and cozy thanks to its vibrant colors, simple shapes, and artful decorations.

Rustic Mexican furniture looks lovely in a room decorated with a Mexican style.  Generally you want to have rustic furniture together with other simple and primitive decorative items, but you don't want to over do it.

A Mexican kitchen can basically be made with the right selection of tiles and a primitive design.  The tiles usually have that imperfect look but quality finish that makes it rustic and uniquely Mexican.

Mexican Theme Party

You may not have a Mexican style room or house, but would like to host a Mexican party for a special occasion: Maybe Cinco de Mayo, christmas party, or birthday celebrations so here are some additional ideas for Mexican party decorations.

If you have other Mexican decoration ideas, we would love to hear from you.  Please comment in the section below.  Thank you for visiting!

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