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Mexican Embroidered Dresses

Here is a guide of Mexican embroidered dresses from different regions of Mexico.  All of these Mexican traditional dresses with cultural or indigenous roots.

A Mexican Embroidered Dress will make you look in fashion with a traditional style.

Traditional Style Mexican Embroidered Dresses

Most embroidered dresses in Mexico are hand crafted by indigenous women and housewives that stay at home and do the embroidery in their free time while taking care of their children.

People use different techniques to embroider dresses, blouses and other garments. Embroidered styles and designs are similar from different states in Mexico. The most popular today, come from the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos and Yucatan.

The embroidered patterns like flowers and other symbols were originally copied from figures in the architecture of churches built more than 200 years ago. You can commonly find flowers, leaves, and birds; although it has evolved to other more sophisticated figures from the mix of cultures with forms of peacocks and complete flower arrangements.

Tehuacan Puebla Mexican Peasant DressPuebla Mexican Peasant Dress

Types of Mexican Embroidered Dresses

Puebla Embroidered Dress

In Puebla dresses you will typically find embroidery in the neck, in the center middle of the dress, and also in the back at shoulder level where there are small details on both sides. The arrangement in the middle of the dress is usually with flowers in many colors.

These traditional dresses are perfect examples of simple beauty. The colorful embroidery makes it stand out.

The dress will make you look simply fresh. The style makes it very functional and can be worn with jeans and a long sleeve blouse or simply with a fitted shirt.

Black Traditional Mexican Tunic Peasant Dress with Colorful Embroidery
Purpule with Colorful Embroidery Mexican Peasant Dress
Black Mexican Dress with Silver Embroidery and Laces
Red with Colorful Embroidery Mexican Peasant Dress

Oaxaca Embroidered Dress

San Antonino Oaxaca Traditional Dress

This dress its now famous thanks to its extensive embroidery and beauty. It got its name from the town of San Antonino Castillo Velasco which is near Ocotlan de Morelos in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The style consists of very small and continuous flower patterns.  The traditional style dress has a tunic shape with some pleads just above the chest/bust line.  It fits nice around the bust or chest and comes down loosely.

This particular dresses have different traits that make them more or less expensive.  The price is determined by the level of sophistication.  The basic dress has some embroidery in the middle and a small area in the sleeves.  The next level has extensive embroidery around the neck, chest and sleeves.  Then there are the Oaxaca frayed dresses which have beautiful figures made with threads.  The most composed dresses have stripes of extensive embroidery and fraying across the whole dress.

Traditional Peasant Oaxaca Dress
Fancy Embroidered and Frayed San Antonino Oaxaca Dress
Fancy San Antonino Oaxaca Embroidered Dress

Jalapa de Diaz Oaxaca Traditional Dress

This style of embroidery is authentically beautiful and unique. 

The embroidery covers almost all the surface and the large figures make it really nice.

Although the figures are large the embroidery is close together.

The dress is a tunic like most other traditional dresses, but it can we worn with a belt or other accessories to improve fit.

There are hundreds of different embroidered Mexican styles.  We have only included a few styles made popular by tourist visiting Mexico.  If you have comments or would like us to add other styles please leave us a comment below.

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