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Mexican Fashion

Mexican fashion is tradition, folklore, and culture, combined with a modern style.

Garments have a unique ethnic identity, and the fashion concepts have evolved to the taste of today's society. Check out What makes Mexican Clothing the perfect thing to wear?

Today you can find very contemporary and forward looking pieces and also the traditional figures and patterns.

The best part of Mexican clothing fashion is sharing the cultural richness, creativity and talent of Mexican people.

The patterns from Mexican dresses, blouses or guayaberas were inspired by the indigineous traditions and also by the strong post-hispanic religious influence. You can find flowers, birds, and other figures from churches and paintings that built the history of Mexico.

Designers Point of View on Mexican Fashion

MEXICO ESTA DE MODA blog asked Spanish designer Maya Hansen, why did she decided to start a collection of Mexican styles. She responded wild and exuberant nature as the main reason; then, the blue sea, wild animals, and the wonderful world of popular handcrafts such as alebrijes (Oaxacan lizard), Our Lady of Guadalupe, candy skulls; lastly, the magic around the Mayans, and their pyramids. She was also asked why she thinks that Mexico is on Fashion... and she responded because of the colorful tropical fabrics, color contrast, and the rescue of tradition, culture and folklore.

Macario Jimenez, who is another famous Mexican designer, said in his facebook page that is now time for Mexican designers to show the world what they have to offer. And this will be very soon.

Lydia Lavin is another extraordinary designer who we greatly admire, and designs beautiful fancy clothing. She said in an interview with Bossa Intermoda that her main motivation in her ethnic creations is to promote Mexico and follow its traditions.

There is an opportunity to value what Mexico has to offer and its richness. She also promotes the sustainability of indigenous communities and it shows; providing work to communities helping avoid immigration and abandonment of their traditions.

Fashion in Mexico

Here are some examples of beautiful Mexican garments in today's fashionable world. We are also introducing famous Mexican designers that in our opinion dedicate their work to the culture of this country.

Pink Mexican fashion dress with Mexican embroidery

Fashion in Mexico by Paulina y Malinali

You will look very fashionable!

It is a nice attire with Mexican ethnic patterns and typical colors.

Paulina y Malinali are great designers of Mexican fashion. They have participated in various events in Mexico and around the world showing their extraordinary work.

Pink satin skirt with Mexican style blouse and shawl
Fashion in Mexico by Lydia Lavin

This outfit will make you look modern, simple, and fresh.

Another beautiful creation by Lydia!

Mexican fashion is very diverse and unique. There is something for everybody if you like Mexico and the culture that this country brings to the world.

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