Mexican Gifts

There are all kinds of Mexican gifts; from the traditional art crafts to the typical dulce de leche candy and of course Mexican clothing.

In general let's classify Gifts from Mexico in three categories:


Here is a list of the most typical textiles and Mexican clothing items you can get as a gift. We will also try to give you some details on their origin and tradition.

Mexican Dress - Trendy Mexican Dress - Trendy

  • A Sarape or rebozo
    This is one of the most traditional gifts. The serape can be used as decoration on your bar, and a rebozo is widely used by women today; It is very elegant!

  • Mexican Dresses
    There are a wide variety of dresses; Mexican embroidered dresses are the perfect gifts for women that like style, and appreciate handmade art.

  • Guayabera or Blouse
    Guayabera is the typical men's shirt with pockets on both side and used un-tucked. Embroidered blouses are just like dresses for women who appreciate authentic Mexican art.

  • A Mexican hat
    The mariachi hat is by far the most typical representation of Mexico, and just like the serape, it is best used when hanged as a decoration in your home's preferred social area.

  • A Mexican Blanket or a Mexican Rug
    Mexican blankets and rugs are perfect as a gift thanks to their beautiful and unique designs. They are embroidered and many artisans (particularly in Teotitlan Oaxaca) still use traditional techniques.


Crafts are excellent Mexican gifts with a great variety from all regions of Mexico.

Here are some of the most typical examples of Mexican crafts.

Mexican Talavera Crafts Mexican Talavera Crafts

  • Mexican Jewelry
    With religious motives such as Our Lady of Guadalupe for Catholics or a nice cross for all Christians.

  • Sun and Moon Designs
    In clay, silver, and pewter.

  • Mexican Talavera
    The best one is from Puebla. You can get a single plate or a complete dinnerware set.

  • Black pottery
    From the state of Oaxaca

Food & Drinks

Mexico is also famous for its Tequila, and its food. For gifts we suggest:

Mexican Candy Mexican Candy

  • Cajeta
    Which is basically caramel candy made with goat milk.

  • Glorias
    Also called Dulce de Leche. There is a great variety of these with pecans, tree nuts, and other nuts.

  • Tequila
    Tequila use to have a bad reputation, but people are starting to differentiate between good and bad Tequilas. And good tequilas are very nice!

  • Kaluha
    This is coffee liquor popular among international tourist; Can be drunk alone with ice or with coffee.

There are many Mexican gifts that will make her or his day. Please share what you liked the best!

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