Mexican Guayabera

A Mexican guayabera is such a classy garment, and it is fresh and versatile. It can be used in all kinds of formal occasions in places with a relaxed atmosphere such as beaches and colonial cities. It is typically used in weddings, and that is why is also called Mexican wedding shirt.

This shirt has existed for more than 200 years. The original shirt is made of craftsmanship details that make it classy and fashionable. Among the details are two or four patch pockets, and two vertical rows of fine pleats sewn closely together along the front and back of the shirt.

Here are some of the classiest authentic Mexican wedding shirts that we have found:

Mexican Guayabera - Felipe Calderon Mexican Guayabera - Felipe Calderon

Prehispanic Design Guayabera - Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico (2006-2012) wore this Guayabera in the VI Americas Summit (VI Cumbre de las Americas) an international meeting between Latin America leaders.

It is a typical guayabera shirt with a very nice animal figure pattern in different colors.

Mexican Wedding Shirt Mexican Wedding Shirt

Typical Mexican Wedding Shirt

The Mexican wedding shirt is the perfect shirt for an outdoors wedding, because it is fresh, comfortable and elegant.

It is perfect for a wedding in the beach; it makes the groom look elegant but in a more relaxed way.

Guayaberas are not only for the groom or the best man, but is now a typical dress code for invitees.

Black Guayabera Black Guayabera

Black Guayabera

Now, if you want something totally different, elegant and fancy, this black Mexican shirt will be a great option.

It is perfect for a night out dancing or an evening formal party.

The decal on this shirt makes it look very nice. And the bright cotton fabric makes it look forward.

White Guayabera White Guayabera

White Guayabera

This Guayabera is made out of linen and has a more casual look. It is combined with pants with the same designs and material.

It is ideal for people who like the more informal dressing keeping the style.

White Guayaberas like this are the truly authentic Mexican styles thanks to its pattern and material.

Check this authentic Mexican dresses for ideas to wear for your partner.

Mexican Guayaberas are not only attractive but they are also practical, comfortable and elegant.

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