Mexican Hat

A Mexican hat is something that always comes to mind when people talk about a fun thing to wear in your head.

The Spanish name for hat is sombrero which comes from the word sombra that means shade.

Popularity of the so called Mexican sombrero, came from TV shows or cartoons like Speedy Gonzalez, and also through live action films and mariachi bands which have played a big part in making the sombrero an icon of Mexican culture.

Types of Mexican Hats

The Typical Sombrero

The typical sombrero has a unique form that makes it uniquely Mexican.

It is made out of straw and sometimes with a strap, usually very inexpensive, and used by peasants specially in small towns and the country side.

Peasant Mexican Hat

Peasant Mexican Hat

The Vaquero Sombrero

The vaquero sombrero is the Mexican cowboy hat.  It is usually made of higher quality materials; felt or velvet.

A version of this hat is widely used in the United States.

Vaquero Sombrero

Vaquero Sombrero

The Charro Hat

The charro hat is a Large and elegant hat usually matching the entire charro costume.

Charros are experts in rodeo tricks and ride their horses with skills using their typical sombrero.

This typical Mexican charro sombrero has felt figures that are stitched to the crown, and to the brim.

Mexican Charro Hat

Mexican Charro Hat

The Mariachi Hat

The mariachi hat was adapted from the charro hat.

It has the same form, but generally more colorfully decorated. The mariachi outfits are filled with ironwork instead of the felt figures from the charro.

Mariachi Hat

Mariachi Hat

The Mexican sombrero has become a national and cultural symbol, and it is often used in traditional Mexican celebrations and holidays, especially by communities outside of Mexico. Sombreros were and still are also perceived as Mexican symbols because of its tradition.