Mexican Jewelry

Mexican jewelry has a huge variety of metals, colors, shapes and styles which make it the perfect gift for someone special.

There is also modern and fashionable Mexican paper jewelry.

Mexican authentic jewelry is very fashionable.

History of Jewelry in Mexico

Mexican jewelry traditions go back more than three thousand years. We can appreciate exhibits in Mexican museums, where you can find exquisite work of art, made by the native goldsmith and silversmith.

Due to Mexico’s wealth in precious metals such as gold and silver, the natives used them before the Spanish colonization to decorate their idols and temples. Amongst the objects there are figures, nose rings, shields, necklaces, brooch’s, masks, statues and ceremonial vases that have been found in tombs of important people.


When the Spanish arrived, mines in Mexico attracted lots of adventurers looking for wealth. Precious metals like silver and gold were sent to Spain, but it was in Mexico where true art emerged, and it was a kind of a mixture of native and Spanish art. Standing out specially, there was the jewelry made to decorate religious images like the virgin’s crown and other religious figures; tradition that lasted even after the independence.

Mexican artisans combined their talents to produce some of the finest hand-crafted silver jewelry of the early to mid twentieth century.

Modern and Fashionable Mexican Jewelry

There are places in Mexico known for the beauty of their artistic jewelry; Taxco, Guanajuato and Zacatecas are some examples where artisans continue making original pieces with materials such as amber, jade, turquoise, obsidian, silver and much more.

Nowadays modern artists create different styles of jewelry taking inspiration from Mexico’s patron saints. This kind of work is characterized by folk-art protective images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Sacred Heart, St. Benedict and goddesses with deep spiritual essences.

Mexican Silver Jewelry

Fashionable Silver Jewelry

Mexico still is an important jewelry manufacturer, especially in silver, making a wide variety of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Also, Mexico takes part in important worldwide exhibitions where its jewelry is much appreciated.