Mexican Masks

Mexican masks represent traditions and a rich history, they are beautifully decorated and they are made for different purposes such as rituals, celebrations or sporting events (Mexican lucha libre - Wrestling).

Many cultures have used masks as part of their heritage, but no country has such a variety representing the history and culture of Mexico.


  • Mexican Luchador Mask Mexican Luchador Mask

  • Wrestling Masks
    They are very popular in Mexican wrestling or "lucha libre" where the contestants use colorful masks that cover completely their faces. They are also part of their identity as wrestler.

  • Day of the Death Mask Day of the Death Mask

  • Día de Muertos Mask
    They are traditionally made of paper which put a level of complexity to the making, and they are used to commemorate the passing of the death.

  • Mexican Dance Mask Mexican Dance Mask

  • Dancing Masks
    This is the most vivid expression of Mexican Masks; they can take different forms such as animals, people or demons featuring rich colors and incredible expressions.

  • Mexican Mask Mexican Mask

  • Masks in Mexican Folk Art
    The tradition combines human and animal features which can be identified within a humanized face. In some other cases, they represent deities or people.

History of Masks in Mexico

The use of masks in Mexico came from ancient times when native people tried to express themselves through ritual dances.

The first people involved in the use of masks were the priest to honor their deities and for the use of sacrifices.

When the Spanish came to Mexico they added different kind of features to the original masks to educate the natives into Christian faith.

When the two cultures fused, characteristics of each culture were recorded in masks and dances.

After this the role of the masks was to represent the beliefs of the people in the different geographic regions through time.

The incredible collection of masks is not only eye catching but also stunning because of the variety of the materials used and the extraordinary imagination that goes into their making.

Mexican masks are used as part of Mexican traditions around the country. They are used at village festivals, to honor saint's days and for major Christian holidays.

At dances participants use masks in order to fulfill religious vows, as well as interpret and inform the community of values and concerns.

They are also part of dance dramas which involves music, songs, and festivities which can last for several days.

Even today, masks remain a significant tradition in the Mexican culture. From the traditional religious ceremonies, regional dances to the most popular wrestling. And people are fascinated about them because they are folkloric art pieces which seem to take on a life of their own.

You can find many museums where you can appreciate any kind of masks all around the country.

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