Mexican Outfits

Mexican outfits are the different types of garments that are uniquely Mexican used in special events and celebrations.

Outfits go from the formal and typical costumes for traditional celebrations to the most basic iconic picture of the Mexican country men. They differ in style and use.

Types of Mexican Outfits

Outfits in Mexico are used in charrerias (rodeo kind of event), during patriotic and religious holidays, parades, dance performances, festivities, celebrations, plays and competitions. They are part of Mexican folklore and traditions.

Mexican Symbols

  • The Charro costume. A typical Mexican cowboy suit used in Mexico’s national sport Charreria; which is basically a Mexican style rodeo.  The outfit is a shirt and special bow, short jacket and tight pants.  They are adorned on the sides of the pants and on the suit with greca which is a design made with suede fabric.


  • The Mariachi costume. The suit used by Mariachi bands derived from the Charro costume.  The design is very simple.  The main difference is the use of ironwork instead of suede greca.


  • The China Poblana dress beautifully decorated.  This dress is acutally a Puebla blouse and a colorful skirt full of sequin.

Other symbols that complement any attire or decoration are:

  • The sarape which is well recognized as part of Mexican folklore.  You can find them in beds, walls, and the pattern of sarapes are now found in clothing.


  • The sombrero or Traditional Mexican hat, which is a trademark of traditional Mexican clothing.  This is basically a mariachi hat made with bright colors.


  • The rebozo which is like a shawl and very elegant.  The rebozo is made with silk and cotton or synthetic articella which mimics silk.

Traditional Outfits from Mexico

Mexican traditional outfits also represent a specific social or ethnic group.
  • Mexican indigenous outfits used by the descendants of the original communities that inhabited Mexico before the Spanish colonization. In fact every indigenous community has unique traditions with respect to clothing.  Take a look at traditional Mexican clothing for more info on this.


  • Mexican regional outfits used by the people from a region or state. These outfits have borrowed elements from the indigenous traditions and combined with the Spanish or European influence. For example the Norteños (which means from the North). Men and women from the North like to wear shirts with square patterns, a cowboy hat, and boots. Each state in Mexico has its regional outfit and is used in their own celebrations.

In summary, Mexican traditional outfits are pictures of Mexican culture. They reflect the background, history and traditions of the country. Today Mexican outfits are sought by enthusiastic worldwide.