Mexican Party / Fiesta

What about a Mexican party?   Have a Mexican theme party in any special occasion.

People like them for many reasons... maybe they relate to a past experience.... it could have been the tequila or a trip to good old Mexico or a vacation to a Mexican beach or you may have Mexican heritage or you simply like it!

A Mexican fiesta is the perfect idea for delicious Mexican food, or tequila drinks.

Whatever your reason is, there are some great Mexican party decorations that you can use that will amuse your guests. 

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Mexican Party Ideas

Typical Dates for a Mexican Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo  (May 5th): This day Mexicans commemorate winning the famous battle of Puebla over the French and this Mexican holiday is probably the most widely celebrated day in the US.  We have great Cinco de Mayo outfit ideas.

Mexico's Independence Day is on September 16th, 1910.  Mexicans celebrate "El Grito" by the priest Miguel Hidalgo calling locals to raise weapons and fight for independence from Spain.

Christmas posadas are probably the most culture rich celebrations that Mexicans have.  Although the tradition is getting lost, there are still families and communities that continue to sing Mexican Christmas carols,  build a nativity set in their homes, reproduce the Mary and Joseph journey before Jesus was born ("pedir posada"), and other eat typical food.

Day of the Dead is now resurrecting as another Mexican culture holiday.  People in Mexico have use this day to remember their family member who passed away.  Perfect day to get together with family and friends.

And it is now trending to have Mexican decor in:




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Things to Consider for Your Mexican Fiesta

Mexican food: You can go with simple tacos made with corn or flour tortilla and have meet, guacamole, beans, cheese, and a home-made Mexican sauce.  In Mexico people don't eat rice or lettuce in their tacos but we know this is typical in Tex-Mex food... so feel free to please your guests.

Mexican decorations: There are serapes, rebozos, piñatas, papel picado and other ideas. 

Mexican games and toys:  Loteria (famous Bingo type game), balero, trompos, maracas among others.

Mexican attire: Mexican clothing is a most use.  And of course there is a wide variety on this website for you to explore.

Mexican accessories:  These are the items that give you a Mexican touch without having to use a full Mexican outfit.  We are talking about fitted rebozos, silver jewelry, sandals or boots or maybe a handbag.

Mexican Hats: There are the typical mariachi or charro hats and also the traditional straw Mexican styles.

There are so many things to do for your Mexican Party... please share your ideas with us in the comment section below or even better send us a picture and we will include it in this page. Hasta pronto!

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