Mexican Pride

Mexican pride is all about expressing religious and traditional values that make the people with Mexican origins feel unique and authentic. Mexican pride is well represented by Mexican symbols like the Mexican flag and Mexican graphics like a colorful Aztec calendar.

Viva Mexico!
This is a very meaningful phrase for Mexican people, because it is an expression showing how proud we feel about being Mexican. People are proud of the richness of Mexico because it is such a generous land in so many ways.

Mexicans appreciate their cultural roots, traditions and ancestors, and they love to express this feeling through poetry, literature, art and also sports. Mexican culture is appreciated all over the world, because of its folklore and joyfulness.

Here are some examples of Mexican Pride expressions:

Mexican Pride Mexican Pride

  • Arts
    Two of the most representative forms of expression that shows this tradition are the paintings and murals. Mexico is a great exponent of this art and its paintings are appreciated all over the world.

  • Mexican Religious Traditions
    In Mexico people practice religious traditions, we have a patron saint for all kinds of circumstances and places, and there are celebrations all throughout the year. Mexicans have special devotion for our Lady of Guadalupe which is the most important religious icon in Mexican culture. It is important because she unified the Mexican Indians, Mestizos and the Spanish people, creating a new cultural identity for the people of Mexico.

  • Celebrations
    In Mexico people always have a reason to celebrate. We have all kinds of different patriotic, religious and indigenous celebrations, such as the Cinco de mayo and Dia de Muertos. The predominant Catholic religion plays a very important role in many of the current traditions such as Holy week, Easter and Christmas.

  • Customs
    Mexican customs are primary influenced by their ancestors, the indigenous cultures primarily Mayas and Aztecs, and also the Spanish. There are original customs reflected in traditional music such as the typical mariachi, norteƱas, tropical, etc. Find in this link more information about Mexican traditions.

  • Sports
    In Mexico people follow different sporting activities, but the most popular is without doubt soccer. People love and show passion on every match the national team (the Tri) plays. Soccer has become a big icon in Mexican culture because it gathers family and friends.

Mexican pride is more than a flag, an anthem, and honoring patriotic heroes. It is to love and honor the place where you were born, the people, the language, the traditions, and the cultural roots.

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