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The typical Mexican sandals are also called huaraches or guaraches in many parts of Mexico and now around the world.

Huaraches became popular for having a recycled tire sole. It seems that this unique feature attracted the attention of tourist which made them famous.

We have another page on Mexican huaraches and their use if you are interested.

We asked locals what makes the typical sandal from Mexico unique. Not surprisingly, they said: the style, printed designs and of course the craftsmanship in addition to the rubber tire sole. We think the real reason is the design which is still made by hand.

Mexican Huaraches Mexican Sandals

The photo above shows some very typical designs made by hand.

Mexican Huaraches Mexican Huaraches Sandals

In this photo you can see the Mexican huarache in a very typical style.

There are different versions of this traditional footwear. Sandals are made of a sole with straps for tie it up; from flip-flops to sophisticated open foot-wear.

Nowadays, sandals are used every day in many parts of the world, and they have became very fashionable by adding a high heal or a unique design. Mexican sandals added unique designs of flowers, animals and other pictorials. The Mexican version is more appropriate for an informal setting, and they are very popular for use in a beach or a warm climate region.

The word huarache also written guarache comes from the word Kuarache in Tarasco; an indigenous dialect spoken by the Purepechas in the state of Michoacan. Huaraches are a crude form of sandals. They normally take the more traditional leather semi closed-shoe look. (By the way huarache is also a fried flat oval tortilla with toppings).

The traditional sandals are mostly made in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Yucatan.

The typical Mexican sandals or huaraches have become an icon of Mexican fashionable apparel.

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