Mexican Wedding Dress

Weddings still are a big deal (and a Mexican Wedding Dress is even a bigger deal). It is true that more and more couples prefer not to go thru the wedding rituals, but for those who had or will get married be prepared and enjoy!!!!

Mexican Wedding Dress

Huipil Wedding Dress

Traditional beautiful design!

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In Mexico, wedding is the bride´s business. From the color of the flowers, to the wedding dress; it is the bride, and the bride´s family the one in charge.

In the past, it was the bride´s family the one taking care of most of the wedding expenditures -except for the music and whatever offered to drink during the reception which were the groom´s responsibility-; now a days bride and groom or bride´s and groom´s families divide the wedding expenditures equally.

But still, in Mexico and everywhere, it is all about the bride: How does she look, what style of make-up will she use, what hairstyles will she wear, flowers or feathers, short veil or long veil….. she will be the center of attention from the moment she walks down the aisle.

Maybe, and only maybe, the wedding dress is the most important piece in the bride´s looks. The wedding dress will have to be according to the wedding style, the wedding place and the time of the day the ceremony will take place; fortunately for us -girls - in Mexico, there is a huge variety of options to choose from.

So if you are looking for a wedding dress idea, don´t miss the chance to fall in love with one of these. From traditional Mexican wedding dresses, beach style wedding dresses -very popular now a days- Mexican designer wedding dresses, Mexican vintage weeding dresses…

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