Mexican Yoga Blankets

Mexican yoga blankets became popular incidentally.  The Mexican blanket also called serape has been selling in Mexico for years and a specific size happens to be perfect for people who like yoga. 

Maybe it is the material, the colors or the feel that people like the most, but one thing is for sure, the style goes well with yoga lovers.

Mexican serapes became popular thanks to tourist traveling to beach or border town vacations and finding a colorful and uniquely Mexican souvenir. Today anyone who sees a serape knows their Mexican origin.

Mexican Yoga Blankets Benefits

The material mostly used today for Mexican serapes is called acrilan which is a fabric composed of acrylic and polyester fibers. (There is some confusion in the market because the word acrilan is sometimes translated as acrylic). Although both are synthetic fibers, the blending makes it comfortable, durable and most importantly it dissipates moisture quickly.  There are some serapes made with wool or cotton if you prefer natural fibers for their extra comfort however these are not common today.

Another advantage of the Mexican blanket is the feel.  You can find one with the right amount of cushioning and also thanks to the woven pattern it will be anti-slipping for those poses that need it.

Finally they are unique and bring color to the studio.  They seem to be much more fun than the solid color mats.

Are Yoga Blankets Necessary?

Are yoga blankets or mats absolutely necessary?  Maybe not..most likely in times before ours, yoga was practiced outside in nature without a mat.

In today's world yoga mats became a necessity because of the types of floors in studios where yoga is practiced.  It quickly became a fashion based on a necessity and this is where the Mexican yoga blankets also fitted well.

In general yoga mats or blankets are there to provide cushion in hard floors, keep your body parts, and give you a space that is for you.  The Mexican style is perfect because it will absorb sweat from the surface quickly in those hot yoga sessions, but it will also dry quickly.  Just make sure it is washed frequently.

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