Mexican Paper Jewelry

Mexican paper jewelry has a rich tradition using the filigree technique. This artisan technique is applied to paper jewelry to create beautiful pieces from necklaces to earrings, bracelets and belts.

Paper red ring Paper Ring Tutuni Collection

The jewelry exposes Mexican magic identity thru shapes and colors in fun, trendy, easy to wear designs.

Each piece is 100% handmade with paper/recycled paper. All pieces are finished with a sealing coat to protect them from humidity and water contact.

The true value of the filigree jewelry is in the thorough artisan and creative work of Mexican women. The designs have an artistic legacy as a result of the historic origin and merge of cultures relating to a specific region in Mexico where the predominant ethnic group is the Huichol.

Huichol people every year travel the WIRIKUTA route through the Mexican sates of Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi.

Along the way, they collect PEYOTE, a cactus with hallucinogen effects; that is consumed when performing some of their ancestral rituals. In particular the Peyote cactus is one of the most representative cacti in the dessert near Real de Catorce in the state of San Luis Potosi.

Huichol people believe peyote opens a communication channel with their deities. The name for the peyote flower in Huichol language is "tutu".

One of the main objectives of this site is to promote the cultural identity of Mexico, and therefore, we are proud to collaborate in publicizing this creative work. One of the best exponents of this art is the group Tutuni. This particular company is constantly looking for materials that protect the environment and at the same time they are looking to promote Mexican identity. They work with forms of circles that attempt to combine the abstract with the specific.

Here are some pictures of the Tutuni collection:

Jewelry Pink Set Jewelry Pink Set

Pink is sweetness and affection. It is associated with femininity, and according to its tones, it can be discrete or striking, and that is why women like it. It reflects their romantic side.

Mexican Paper Jewelry Mexican Paper Jewelry
Tutuni Pink Set

Mexican Jewelry Mexican Jewelry
Tutuni Aqua Set

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