Taxco Silver Jewelry

Taxco is a small town in the Northern part of the state of Guerrero in Mexico.  Taxco Silver Jewelry is world famous because of its quality, beauty and craftsmanship.   The town was an important silver mining center before Mexican independence from Spain, and it developed into a jewelry and silver crafts trade town.

There are silversmiths and stores all over the picturesque town.

Silver Jewelry Styles from Taxco

Taxco Silver BraceletSilver Jewelry from Taxco

Silver Jewelry has a wide array of styles, and so the designs from Taxco. 

There are very basic jewelry pieces that satisfy the simple soul such as spheres, animals, insects, or flat shapes.

There is the religious designs with crosses, angels, and our lady of Guadalupe charms among the most seen.

And then of course the fashion world has brought sophistication to the jewelry world with collars having multiple layers and using different materials.  Stones, crystals, and some synthetic materials go great with silver and can make beautiful pieces for any occasion.

Famous designers use silver for their creations to attract the price conscious consumer that wants quality work and materials.

Taxco Silver Jewelry History

Artisans from Taxco make marvelous creations from silver.  You can find jewelry, bowls, flower jars, sculptures, table utensils and other creations in the markets, stores, and with street sellers.   Recognized world-wide for its originality and link to Mexican culture.

The original designs had an elaborate colonial baroque and art nouveau (modern) style. In the beginning of the XX century the silver artist from New York, William Spratling, influenced the town in a huge manner.  Spratling was contemporary and friend of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.   He moved to Taxco and started a business using the silver from the local mines selling his creations to the US and other parts of the world.  As his business grew he created a silversmith school which started the rich tradition passed from generation to generation.

Colonial TaxcoStreets of a Silver Town - Taxco

If you visit south central Mexico don't miss the opportunity to visit this amazing town with colonial style buildings and with a tradition of silversmithing.

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