Traditional Mexican Costume

A traditional Mexican costume is an outfit that people wear in festivities or special events.

There are many options when it comes to a Mexican costume. In this page you'll find ideas and things to consider when choosing a outfit with a Mexican touch.

The first question you have to answer is. Do you want it for a special occasion, or is it just for fun?

For fun customs are those you take to Halloween parties. Your best bet is to drive to your local retail store or find an option on the Internet. Take a look at our Mexican costumes page for great ideas.

You can find the Mexican serape custom, the matador custom, the mariachi custom, etc. There are outfits for children and adults and very sexy pieces for women too!

Be wary that these customs will not be high quality and accessories will usually be plastic. They are perfect for a good laugh with your friends.

Authentic Mexican Custom

If you are going to use the custom in a festival, play or special celebration such as a wedding, then you want an authentic Mexican custom.

Your options will be:

These type of costumes are not easy to find unless you are in colonial Mexico. Some of the clothing is now very trendy and can be used by people of all ages any day of the week.

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